A List of Funny Songs from Musicals

These are just some songs from musicals that i think are kind of funny. I listen to these when I’m sad or just need something to laugh about. I really suggest that you listen to some of these because they are brilliant!

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My (very unrealistic) List of Dream Roles

I have given much thought to the roles i would love to play in a show. I know for a fact most of these will never happen, due to the shows being a bit inappropriate for my school, the roles being the opposite gender, or my vocal range into that wide. But just for fun, these are the characters i would love to play if (figuratively speaking) i had the chance.

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My (unofficial) List of Top 16 Musicals

I have somehow managed to narrow down my favorite musicals. It was an almost impossible task i don’t know how that happened, but i did it! I feel like this list will change as i see more musicals but for now this is the list i have compiled. My absolute favorites are the top! I would recommend that you guys go see these because they are quite great!

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