Theatre Terms

Blocking– the art of moving actors so they don’t run into objects such as the set and other actors. Very similar to chess, except the pawns can talk and argue where they should go.

Bobby Pins– a small hair accessory that is a necessity for actors, yet when needed, are nowhere to be found. Weeks after a show closes, they can be found mysteriously in your hair.

Costumes– Clothing worn by actor to help portray the character. Often too big or too small. They never break or rip until it’s  opening night and you are about to go onstage.

Director– the dictator of the show that tells everyone what to do.

Green Room– the room where nervous actors wait to go onstage. This room, thankfully, is not green.

Highlighters– essential for marking up your script. Usually, an actor will highlight the wrong line.

Opening Night– the first night when the show is open to the public. This is also the day when actors often forget their lines right before going onstage due to being nervous.

Post-Show Depression (PSD)– Depression that occurs after the closing of a production that you were in. The victim often sings the show tunes that were in their production for several weeks until they get an audition.

Prop– an object that helps actors portray their character and are often missing thirty seconds before said actor’s cue. Also, object which people use to entertain themselves while sitting in the green room. (Even though they shouldn’t)

Showtunes– music from a musical often sung in the dressing rooms on opening night, or when you are home alone.

Stage Manager– the individual who is responsible for supervising the set, overseeing the crew, and baby-sitting the actors. Do not anger a stage manager or you will not live to see your next cue.

Tech Week– the week before the show that involves a lack of sleep and constant need for food. It is during this week that the director decides to change an entire page of blocking. Also known as Hell Week.


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